Individual achievement can inspire the world

Around each of us there are many people who have unique characteristics or goals that motivate them or make them happy.

For example, some people take pleasure in achieving something as a team. For others, it may be in creating or making something. For others still, it may be in finding a solution to a difficult problem. The world is a gathering place of such people.

I believe that when people achieve their goals they not only satisfy themselves but also inspire the people around them to achieve their own goals.

It is from this idea that we established Archi-Voice. We did so in order to support people by creating a place where they could achieve satisfaction and their goals through communication with others. We started with a school for people who wished to communicate with their friends in other languages. We then created a business focused around translation and interpreting for companies who wished to communicate with people and businesses around the world.

Our company is about borderless communication. From person to person. Individuals to organizations. From thought to action. From the present into the future. Over the years Archi-Voice has grown into an international language and consulting company that has the experience and skill to help and support you in achieving your personal or business goals.

So let’s work together to inspire the world through global communication.

Kenichi Araki


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