About Us

Archi-Voice Archi-Voice was established in 2003 in Kyoto. Since then Archi-Voice has expanded to include offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Hamburg.

Originally started as a language school, Archi-Voice has evolved into a leading language services company that offers a range of services to both private and public sector clients. These services include translation and interpreting; language education through a group of language schools and company seminars; company staffing and general business consulting through a variety of language and support services. While we deal with many languages we have a special expertise with Asian languages.

For support, Archi-Voice has a large network of translators and interpreters around the world including a very strong network across Asia. Our translators and interpreters are people of many nationalities and work experience who allow us to fully meet the needs of our clients. At Archi-Voice, our translators and interpreters only work with their native and near native languages to guarantee accuracy and reflect cultural conventions. Our customer-oriented philosophy ensures that work is done to the highest standards in a timely manner and with maximum confidentiality.

Our goal at Archi-Voice is to provide the highest quality of service - whether translation, interpreting or consulting - at a reasonable cost to the client.

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